January 2017 Monthly Must-Haves

Hello beautiful people! I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet while I explain my plans to you all.

At the end of each month, I plan on blogging about products and entertainment that have caught my eye during a specific month that I’d like to share with you all.

Today, I’ll be discussing my monthly must-haves for the month of January. My favorites range from a gorgeous new makeup palette to a commercial I saw on TV.

I hope you enjoy 🙂


  • The Tartelette in Bloom Amazonian Clay Palette is the first item I’d like to shine a light on. Tarte is a cosmetics company famous for infusing their makeup products with Amazonian clay, and boy does that clay really work! The 12 shades in the palette are incredibly smooth and silky. I’m obsessed with how blendable the shadows are, as well the fantastic color payoff.
  • I’ve heard so many positive things about Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara, and I finally got to try it out for myself this past month. I’m so impressed with this product. My lashes never get clumpy after multiple coats of mascara are applied, and it never flakes. I love how this mascara makes my lashes look like falsies. It’s going to be hard going back to drugstore mascara after this product runs out.
  • NYX’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in “Sandstorm” is the perfect shade for those who want a natural pop of color on their lips. This chestnut-colored lipstick dries matte, but contradictory to what people say, this product doesn’t dry out my lips. It’s also worth mentioning that this shade is a dupe for Kylie Jenner’s “Dolce K” Lip Kit.
  • Benefit POREfessional Face Primer has become a crucial step in my daily beauty routine ever since I discovered how wonderful this product is. After applying the primer to my face, my pores shrink instantly. I’ve noticed my face is less shinier after a long day of class when I apply this product to my T-zone.


  • After spending a ridiculous amount of money on Starbucks during my first semester of college, I decided kick my coffee habit by investing in Stephen’s Gourmet S’mores Hot Cocoa. I’m going to be honest; I bought this product because of the packaging. I mean, the container features a cuddly-looking bear holding a cup of hot cocoa in the forest… how freakin’ adorable! I love curling up with a fuzzy blanket and sipping on this brand of cocoa after a long day of classes. Although my coffee habit hasn’t diminished completely, this stuff has definitely saved me some cash.
  • Whole Grain Cheddar Baked Goldfish is the ultimate snack for anyone who loves to nibble on something during a long study session, a break between classes or during a Netflix binge. In my opinion, whole grain Goldfish tastes much better than the original kind. Plus, these little wonders contain fewer calories and more protein and fiber as opposed to the regular kind.
  • If you love Velveeta products, you’ll love Velveeta’s Ultimate Hamburger Cheesy Bowl. Not only is this meal super delicious, but it’s a super convenient microwavable meal that’s perfect for anyone on the go. Velveeta’s signature liquid gold cheese combined with noodles and hamburger make for a super filling and tasty meal that requires minutes to heat up.


Top 3 Songs of the Month:

  • “Running on Empty” by Jackson Browne
    • I fell in love with this song after watching Forrest Gump because the song appears on the movie’s soundtrack. I’m seriously in love with the song’s beat, as well as the uplifting lyrics. Give this song a listen and watch Forrest Gump if you’ve never seen it… or re-watch it because it’s a phenomenal movie.
  • “Your Song” by Elton John
    • If I had to choose a spirit guide to help lead me through life, I’d choose Elton John. The man’s music and “go big or go home” way of life speaks to me. My family used to listen to Elton John whenever we’d take road trips to my family cottage or vacation up north. “Your Song” is truly one of the best love songs ever written. This slow ballad speaks to me on so many levels, and I bet it’ll speak to you as well. Elton John is one of my favorite artists, so expect to see other songs of his in future posts.
  • “Silver Lining” by Guards
    • I’m a sucker for classic rock music, but now and again I’ll fall for an indie rock song. I heard the first snippets of “Silver Lining” on a Big Ten conference commercial. I liked the song’s beat, so I Googled the lyrics and found the whole song. Whenever I listen to the song, I feel inspired to go out and follow my dreams. It sounds super weird, but maybe you’ll feel the same way after listening to the song too.

Movie of the Month:

  • Split
    • This movie was so freakin’ amazing, yet disturbing all at the same time. I was hooked the moment I saw the movie’s insanely creepy, yet riveting trailer, so I made sure to see this movie in theaters. Split has received raved reviews from movie critics, and the surprise ending will have you asking for more.

TV Show of the Month:

  • Gilmore Girls
    • If you’re in need of a show to binge watch on Netflix, look no further than Gilmore Girls. Up until a couple months ago, I had never seen a single episode of Gilmore Girls. After my roommate watched the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, she started watching the series again, and I got sucked in too. I highly recommend giving the show a chance…. or binge watch the series again because it’s just that good.


  • Nike Pro spandex shorts
    • If you want to feel comfortable and look sleek while working out at the gym, buy yourself a pair of Nike Pro spandex shorts. These totally adorable shorts never ride up, and Nike’s super stretchy and soft fabric guarantees a comfortable fit for all body types. Whatever you do in these shorts – bike, sprint, squat, horizontal running – you’ll feel comfortable and content.
  • Angel Soft Commercial
    • The video speaks for itself. Click here to watch it.

Thank you all for reading!

I’d like to remind you all that I’m human and sometimes I make mistakes; if you spot any grammar mistakes, tell me! I love hearing feedback, and that also includes any comments, questions or blog requests. If you want me to blog about a certain topic, fill out a contact form, and I’ll totally make room for it in my blogging schedule. I want to blog about topics that interest you.




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