Get the Look: Copper Sparkle

Hello, wonderful people!

Today I will be blogging about an eye look that’s filled with metallic bronzes, matte reds and cool beiges; a smokey eye look that’s perfect for a night out.

Unlike the last makeup look I blogged about, I’m only going to be giving out step-by-step instructions on how to create the eye look since everyone has different facial routines.

Without further ado, let’s get started 🙂

What You’ll Need:

I used the Tartelette In Bloom eye shadow palette for this look. If you have this particular eye shadow palette, rock on. However, I know that not everyone has this product. So, if you want to create this look, but don’t have the palette, check out the dupes to the colors I listed below:


  • Any matte white shadow will work as a dupe for the shade “Charmer.”
  • A glittery pearl shade will substitute for the color “Funny Girl.”
  • A dupe for “Smarty Pants” could be any matte beige shadow.
  • Any metallic bronze-copper color will work as a dupe for “Firecracker.”
  • “Rebel” is a matte brick-brown, so any shadow similar to that color will work.

The Steps:

1. Prime the eyelids. Priming is an important step to ensure that your eye shadow will stay in place all day. I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion in “Original” as a base.

2. Tape it up. Tape acts as a cheap, yet effective tool when trying to create a crisp, clean line after applying eye shadow. Plus, it’s quite helpful for those who are just learning how to wing out their eyeliner. See the picture below for reference.


3. We’re turning our attention to the crease first. On a fluffy blending brush, take “Smarty Pants,” or a matte beige shadow, and buff the color into the crease. Use a light hand to blend the shade into the crease for a smooth and natural transition. Go in with the shade as many times as you’d like until you reach a desired intensity.

4. Next, we’re going to shift to the outer corner of the eye. Take any eye shadow brush and use it to pat “Rebel,” or a matte brick-brown shade, onto the outer corner of the eye. Make sure to blend some of it into the outer part of the crease as well.

5. The eyelid comes next. Pat “Firecracker,” a metallic bronze-copper shade, onto the inner half of the eyelid.

6. Highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Applying a light shade to the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes will make your eyes look alert and awake. I used “Charmer,” a matte white shadow, to highlight my brow bone, and “Funny Girl,” a sparkly pearl shade, as a highlight for the inner corners of the eyes.

7. Wing it out. Take any liquid eyeliner of your choosing, and line your upper lash line, making sure to extend the liner past your lash line to create a wing. The tape will help serve as a guide. I used the Loreal Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner to ensure I have flawless, crisp wings. Once you’re satisfied with your eyeliner, remove the tape.

8. Now we’re gonna jump down to the lower lash line. Take “Rebel,” or a matte brick-brown shade, and apply it the bottom lash line with any basic eye shadow brush. Then, take any brown eyeliner and line the water line to give your eyes some extra definition.

9. Mascara is the final step. Take any mascara of your choice and apply multiple coats to the top and bottom lashes. I’m obsessed with the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara because of the crazy volume I get when I apply the product to my lashes.

The Result….


Thank you all so much for reading! Stay tuned for another blog coming this Friday 🙂




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