Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hey, beautiful people!

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge impulse buyer when it comes to cosmetics. Whenever I walk through Ulta or Sephora, I’m always so tempted to pick up every beauty product with adorable packaging and lug it up to the register. When I see a product I want, it takes a lot of coaxing on my part to put it back.

However, I couldn’t say no to my latest impulse buy: the Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Palette.

The moment I saw all 30 neutral shades featured in this limited edition collection, I knew I had to pick it up.

This past week I’ve been playing around with the Natural Love Palette, and so I can’t wait to share my first impressions with you all, as well as eye shadow swatches and a review of the palette as a whole.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling πŸ˜‰

First Impressions

According to Too Faced’s website, the Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection includes new, never-before-seen eye shadows, as well as popular shades from the Natural Eyes, Natural Matte and Natural At Night palettes.


When I saw a preview of the Natural Love Palette online, I couldn’t believe how many eye shadows were featured in this collection. 30 eye shadows in one palette is unheard of in the high-end beauty industry.

At first glance, it can be noted that the Natural Love Collection features light shadows, and they come in a wide array of finishes – matte, satin, shimmer, etc. All 30 eye shadows are neutral, meaning they compliment each other beautifully and are super versatile. There are hundreds of eye look combinations that can be made using this palette, and that’s what intrigues me the most.



Heaven – a matte off-white shadow. This shade serves as a great brow bone and inner corner highlight.

Fairy Tale – a sparkly gold shade. I was very impressed with the high color payoff and smooth application, especially since it’s a glitter.

Nudie – a cool beige shade with a matte finish. “Nudie” is the perfect transition shade to use in the crease when creating a natural smokey eye.

Tickle Me – a metallic brown-copper color. Tickle Me’s satin finish makes for an easy and smooth application.

Don’t Settle – a grey-taupe shade with a metallic finish. I think we can all learn something from the name of this eye shadow; never settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Fingers Crossed – a deep plum shade with a satin finish. This shade would compliment any purple-based eye look beautifully.


Lace Teddy – a matte baby pink shadow. This particular shade is quite subtle, so it would work wonderfully as a brow bone or inner corner highlight.

Satin Sheets – an iridescent pink-yellow shade. I’m so in love with this iridescent finish, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Push-Up – a brown-copper shade with a satin finish. I love using this shade as an eyelid base when creating a cooler smokey eye because of its easy application.

Honey Pot – a cool gold shadow with a satin finish. This shade can be warmed up when paired with warm browns and beiges.

Chocolate Martini – a deep chocolate brown shade with a slight shimmery finish. I love using this shadow in the outer corner of my eye when creating a warm smokey eye.

Undercover – a dark purple shadow with flecks of pink glitter mixed throughout the powder. Similar to “Fingers Crossed,” this shade would look gorgeous when paired with other purple eye shadows.


Pink Cheeks – a pink-white shadow with a satin finish. You could easily wear this shade as a brow bone and inner corner highlight.

Kittens – a satin lilac shadow. The name of this eye shadow is everything.

Bunny Nose – a shimmery magenta shadow. Too Faced really outdid themselves when naming some of these shadows because “Bunny Nose” is the cutest name ever.

Moonbeam– a shimmery silver-gold shadow. This eye shadow is incredibly pigmented and shines when applied to the eyelids.

Love Bug – a shimmery metallic-looking purple. This shadow is guaranteed to make green eyes pop.

Smokin’ – a deep metallic grey color. When applied to the outer corners of the eyes, “Smokin'” will complete any grey-based smokey eye.


Poodle – a satin off-white eye shadow. This shade would look gorgeous as an inner corner highlight.

Cutie Patootie – a cool rose shade with a satin finish. I can only imagine how incredible this shade will look when applied to the eye lids.

Dear Diary – a warm brown-gold shadow. This shade looks like a dupe for Urban Decay’s “Smog.”

Coffee Date – a warm copper-brown shadow. Not going to lie, I’d love to grab some coffee with a cute guy.

Spoiled – a dark brown with a satin finish. “Dear Diary” would compliment this shade beautifully.

Night Fever– Β a deep brown shade with a slight shimmer. When I swatched this color on my arm, it looked a little patchy and took awhile to even out.


Spotlight – a matte pale yellow eye shadow. I would totally wear this shade as a brow bone highlight.

Honey Butter – a matte beige-pink color. “Honey Butter” would serve as a great base if you’re looking to apply glitter to your eye lids.

Honeymoon – a rose shadow with a shimmery finish. I cannot wait to wear this shade in one of my natural smokey eye looks.

Hot & Bothered – a burnt orange shade with a shimmery finish. This shadow would look gorgeous on anyone with blue eyes, for they’re complimentary colors.

Makeup & Chill – a deep mauve with a matte finish. Move over Netflix, makeup and chill is something I’m hoping to see take over.

Stiletto – a matte black shadow. Matte black shadows usually go on pretty patchy, so it didn’t come as a surprise that it was difficult to apply stiletto to my forearm for swatching.

Overall Thoughts

When I first started swatching these shadows on my arm, I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth they were. Although a few of the darker shadows in the palette went on a little patchy, almost all of the shades that were applied to my forearm went on effortlessly. The color payoff was extremely high as well.

While $60 may seem a little pricey, I promise every dollar is worth it. Everyone can pull off neutral eye shadows, and I believe the Natural Love Collection is a great investment for anyone who’s obsessed with natural colors like myself.

A high-end makeup collection featuring 30 beautiful shades is unheard of. I’d scoop up this product while you can, before this limited edition palette is pulled from shelves.

Thank you all so much for reading!




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