Eye Shadow Shades That Best Suit Your Eye Color


Today’s blog is pretty self-explanatory and relatively short. This blog is nothing more than a simple guide as to what eye shadow colors best suit your eye color.

Obviously, you can rock whatever eye shadow colors you want. If you’ve got green eyes and love to wear grey eye shadow, I highly encourage you to! I pair grey eye shadow with my green eyes all the time. Makeup is all about you and your personal preferences. This blog is merely a guide as to what colors will make your eyes stand out the most.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes pop when paired with warmer shadows, typically warm browns and beiges. Because blue and orange are complimentary colors, orange-based eye shadow will make blue eyes pop like no other as well.

Green Eyes

To make your green eyes dazzle, wear eye shadow that centers around the color purple (green and purple are complimentary colors). In addition, people with green eyes can rock earthy tones such as green and copper.

Brown Eyes

To exemplify your brown eyes, stick to bronze and gold shadows. In addition, brown eyes are incredibly earthy, so in order to make your peepers pop, wear shades that are found in nature such as earthy greens and browns.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are incredibly fierce and striking. To make your hazel eyes shine, look to wearing greys and golds. Searching for a stand out color? Hazel eyes can rock burgundy eye looks that are quite popular in the fall.


Thank you all for reading! Love you all πŸ™‚




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