Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette vs Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

In 2013, Too Faced Cosmetics launched the Chocolate Bar Collection, one of the cutest, most raved about cosmetics lines out there. These chocolate-themed palettes look as though they came out of the story of Hansel and Gretel (minus the child-eating witch, of course).

The Chocolate Bar and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palettes imitate the appearance of actual candy bars; both palettes are wrapped in packaging that looks like a faux candy bar wrapper, and the palettes themselves are metal tins that mimic a brick of chocolate. These gorgeous palettes even smell like chocolate, for the eyeshadows are enriched with cocoa that’s loaded with antioxidants. The eyeshadows are even named after the candy they resemble.  

While both palettes are unique in their own right, each one will set you back about $49. Even though some would willingly shell out enough money to purchase both, some of us have to choose between the two (sad face). Both palettes have received great reviews by critics and beauty bloggers alike, but what one is the best? Well, I’m here to tell you.

At First Glance


The Chocolate Bar Palette is composed of chocolatey browns, creamy beiges, and blue-purple shadows. The shadows in this palette are much cooler as opposed to the shades in the Semi-Sweet palette.


The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette contains warm bronzes, gold-based shadows, and deep chocolates. This particular palette is comprised of warm shadows, many of which have a gold or brown base to them.


Swatches from the Chocolate Bar Palette


Gilded Ganache – This olive-colored shadow flecked with gold shimmer is one of the more distinctive shades in the Chocolate Bar palette, but it’s totally wearable and works for all eye colors. Don’t let this olive shade scare you; it looks very natural when blended with brown and gold eyeshadow.

White Chocolate – The color is exactly what you’d expect after reading the name: milky and matte. White Chocolate is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

Milk Chocolate – Milk Chocolate is a warm hazel-brown with a matte finish. This shadow is very smooth when applied to the eyelid or crease and blends with ease. This shade serves as a perfect transition shade for any natural or heavy eye look. 

Black Forest Truffle – Warning: the swatch of Black Forest Truffle featured on my blog does not do this color justice. Black Forest Truffle is a medium-burgundy with metallic gold and brown sparkles mixed throughout. Because of its sparkles, fallout may occur when this shade is applied to the eyelids (sigh).

Triple Fudge – Triple Fudge is a deep coffee-colored shade with a matte finish. This eyeshadow is a perfect candidate for heavier, smokier eye looks. Due to its dark pigment, Triple Fudge can be used as an eyeliner.


Salted Caramel – This matte, warm orange-brown shadow is one of the most blendable shades in the entire palette. Salted Caramel is super blendable and buildable. Use it in a natural eye look, or build and layer this shade for a darker eye look.

Marzipan – Marzipan is like a best friend; this shadow is there for you when you it. This shimmery pink-champagne color is incredibly versatile. Wear it on the browbone and inner corner of the eye as a highlighter, or use it to give your smokey eye some sparkle.

Semi-Sweet – This soft chocolate shadow is a happy medium between two shades in the Chocolate Bar palette; Semi-Sweet is a bit darker than Milk Chocolate, but much lighter than Triple Fudge. At first glance, Semi-Sweet’s matte finish looks smooth, and your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This shade has such a smooth texture which makes this shade easy to apply and blend.

Strawberry Bon Bon – Strawberry Bon Bon is a ballerina pink eyeshadow with a matte finish. I’m quite disappointed with this shade. In the pan, this eyeshadow looks very pigmented, but when it is applied to the eyelid, little color transfers.

Candied Violet – The same warning for Black Forest Truffle can be applied to the shade Candied Violet, for the picture of the swatch does not do this color justice. Candied Violet is a metallic purple-blue with pink and magenta sparkles. Because this shade is so bold, I don’t recommend wearing it at work or in school, but I’m not here to tell you what you can and can’t rock.

Amaretto – When I picture winter as a color, I think of Amaretto. This metallic brick eyeshadow is a gorgeous color when creating winter-themed eye looks. Because this shadow has brown undertones, Amaretto can be worn with neutral colors to create a warm smokey eye.


Hazelnut – At first glance, this roasted hazel-brown eyeshadow is beautiful. However, once your brush glides across it’s frosted finish, this shadow turns into a powdery mess. Although this shade looks gorgeous in any eye look, it’s hard to ignore the fallout.

Crème Brulee – Suffering from a serious lack of sleep? Have no fear, Creme Brulee is here! This gilded metallic shadow is my secret weapon for making my eyes look wide and awake. It’s texture is soft, making for a smooth application in the inner corner of the eyes, eyelid, and browbone.

Haute Chocolate – At first glance, this shade looks quite similar to Hazelnut and Semi-Sweet. But let’s put on our big girl glasses and take a closer look. Unlike Hazelnut and Semi-Sweet, Haute Chocolate is a rich brown and it’s frosted finish sets it apart from the other brown-based colors in the palette.

Cherry Cordial – When you peek at Cherry Cordial, it looks like a matte shadow. However, this cranberry red shadow contains a small flecks of sparkle. Because this shade is a bit complicated to pull off on an everyday basis, experienced makeup artists will have a field day creating intricate cranberry-based eye look.

Champagne Truffle – Looking for a pretty shade to go with a “no makeup” makeup look? Well look no further than Champagne Truffle, a gorgeous pink-white shimmer. This shadow is subtle, yet striking enough to wear on the browbone and inner corner of the eye for a pretty pop.

Swatches from the Semi Sweet Palette


Licorice – Licorice can be compared to Superman in a sense; this matte black shadow can be worn as an eyeliner, subtlety like Clark Kent, or you can use this shade to help craft a classic smokey eye, a standout like Superman. Because of it’s dark pigmentation, the fallout from this shadow is quite noticeable.

Coconut Crème – Coconut Creme is a vanilla matte shadow. This basic shade is commonly used to highlight the browbone and inner corner of the eye, but you can use it as a base for layering pigments that need a little extra pop.

Nougat – Nougat is one of the softest, buildable, and blendable shades in the entire palette. This cool, light beige-pink shadow is perfect for beginners or for those wanting to create a soft eye look.

Truffled – Truffled is a rich brown eyeshadow with a matte finish. It can be noted that this shade is quite warm, pigmented and has great color payoff. Because this shade is so tinted, I would highly recommended using this color in brown-based smokey eye looks or even a natural eye look.

Hot Fudge – This shadow is a staple piece for intense and dramatic smokey eye looks. Hot Fudge, a dark metallic brown-grey, is quite compressed in the pan, meaning it can be difficult to pick up some of the pigment with a brush. In spite of tight-packed shadow, it is very easy to blend, so it’s great for newbies to the smokey eye.


Cocoa Chili – Cocoa Chili is pretty “too faced” (lol, get it?). In the pan, this warm dark chocolate-colored eyeshadow sparkles in the light as the gold shimmer shines. But when this shade is applied to the eyelid, very little gold sparkle transfers (sad face). It’s a shame because at first glance, this shadow looks gorgeous, but it lets you down like a blind date with high expectations.

Pink Sugar – Pink Sugar requires a little helper: water. In the pan, Pink Sugar looks like a gorgeous baby pink with pink and silver sparkles mixed throughout the formula. When applied to the lid without water, Pink Sugar fails to impress. When applied with water, more sparkle transfers.

Puddin’ – *Insert a Harley Quinn reference* This cool brown-grey shadow actually looks like something Harley Quinn would wear due to the taupe undertones and long-lasting wear.

Blueberry Swirl – Interested in spicing up your daily makeup routine with a pop of color? Look no further than Blueberry Swirl! This frosted pool blue eyeshadow can be worn boldly in an intricate eye look, or subtly as an eyeliner along the bottom lashline.

Peanut Butter – This warm orange-brown eyeshadow is an essential to creating a warm makeup look. It’s matte finish allows for endless possibilities when creating either a natural or dark eye look.

Frosting – The name of the eyeshadow perfectly describes the sheen of this frosted bronze-brown shade. This color goes with everything. It can be worn lightly to create a natural, subtle look, or layer it up and combine it with other brown-based colors in the palette to create a hot makeup look for a night out.


Rum Raisin – When you hear the word “raisin,” your mind tends to think of deep purple hues. Rum Raisin is actually a shimmery taupe-brown eyeshadow. This glitter featured in the color looks beautiful when applied to the eyelid, making this color one of my favorite shades.

Mousse – If you need a light, yet incredibly buildable and layerable eyeshadow to use as a transition shade for a heavy or light makeup look, look no further than Mousse. This matte beige shade is buildable, blendable, and perfect for creating a look of any kind.

Caramel – Tired eyes can instantly be awakened with Caramel, a shimmery warm gold shadow. When applied to the eyelids, sleepy eyes will be seemingly replaced by brighter, more alert peepers.

Bon Bon – This shimmery orangey-gold with a hint of rose is what everyone needs to freshen up their same old makeup routine. This pretty shimmer shade can be used as an eyelid base when creating a multi-step eye look, or can be used in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten up your face.  

Butter Pecan – This smooth, frosted yellow shade feels sleek and soft when applied to the eye. This shade is perfect for highlighting the browbone and inner corner of the eyes, as well as serving as a base for a multi-layered eye look.


Because the Chocolate Bar palette contains such neutral colors, this palette is perfect for people with brown, green, blue and pretty much any kind of eye color you can think of. In addition, this palette can be used on any kind of skin tone because the colors are so versatile and can be used to create an endless amount of eye looks. However, some of the sparkly shades in the palette are prone to fallout, which can be annoying when you’re trying to craft a hot makeup look. Overall, I would give this palette an A- for it’s neutral shades, versatile colors and long-lasting wear. Plus, the color payoff is amazing.

The shades in the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette look incredible on people with brown and blue eyes. However, some of the orange-based shades in the palette are harder to wear for people with ivory-based skin tones. Those with a tan or have a dark complexion would look stunning in the colors featured in the Semi-Sweet palette because of how they brighten up the face and eyes. I give this palette a B because although the shades are quite vibrant, people with a light complexion may find the orange and gold shadows to be hard to wear.

The Winner?

Drum roll, please……….

The winner is the Chocolate Bar Palette, and here’s why:

  • The Chocolate Bar Palette features colors that everyone can wear no matter what their eye color or skin tone is.
    • Some of the orange and gold shadows in the Semi-Sweet Palette can be extremely hard to wear for people with very light skin tones.
  • The colors in the Chocolate Bar Palette are neutral and versatile. All of the colors are in harmony with each other, resulting in an endless amount of eye looks to be created.
    • The Semi-Sweet Palette has very unique shades, which isn’t a bad thing, but creating looks with those very different shades can be hard for beginners.

Personally, the Chocolate Bar Palette is my favorite. I bought the Semi-Sweet Palette first, but I found some of the warmer shades difficult to wear in the winter. In addition, some of the shades in the Semi-Sweet palette were dark, and as a beginner, I found those dark colors difficult to work with. The shadows in the Chocolate Bar Palette are soft and easy to wear, perfect for beginners. However, if you are more experienced with makeup and are looking for a kick-ass palette to create bold, intricate looks, I’d say go for the Semi-Sweet Palette. But then again, it’s your choice on what you spend your money on. Don’t let me tell you what you should and shouldn’t buy. The statements expressed above are my honest opinions, but it’s up to you on what you decide to purchase.

Thank you all so much for reading! 🙂




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