College Tailgate Prep

There’s nothing more American than a college football tailgate. Thousands upon thousands of college students across the nation take part in tailgates every Saturday throughout fall.

Whether you’re there to cheer on the football team or to hang out with friends, college football tailgates bring you and fellow student together in celebration for your university.

Because football tailgates are so prominent in college culture, I decided to blog about the steps I take to ensure that my hair, makeup and clothing are game day ready.

Even though I’m decked out in maroon and gold during Central Michigan University tailgates, anyone and everyone can take these steps and apply them to their college game day prep — just adjust your colors accordingly.



There’s one accessory you’ll see 75 percent of girls wearing at college football tailgates: hair bows. These cuties are a staple piece for any tailgate, and they’re super easy to wear.

Looking to rock a hair bow at your next college tailgate? Here’s how:

1. Ariana Grande is going to be your hair inspo for this look. Start by pulling your hair into a high half-up, half-down hairstyle, and secure with an elastic.

2. This next step depends on what kind of hair bow you have. If you’ve got a hair bow with a clip attached to it, fasten it at the top of your mini-ponytail. If you’ve got a hair bow that’s attached to a hair tie, wrap the hair bow’s tie around your mini-ponytail.

3. This step is optional, but I personally love messy hair. To make my hairdo look a little wild, I like to pull out a few pieces of hair from the front of my hairline to frame my face. This easy step will make you look less like a high school cheerleader and more like a free spirit who’s out to have a good time.

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Brows, concealer, highlighter, bronzer and blush are just some of the makeup essentials, but what about the eyes?

I love to base my eye makeup on my university’s school colors. Because not everyone attends CMU, I decided to make a list of popular school color combinations and include ways to incorporate these colors into your tailgate makeup.

  • Maroon and gold/white
    • Maroon eye shadow is a gorgeous fall trend, and it’ll look great at your next college tailgate. An eye look with maroon shadow in the crease and cool beige-gold shade on the eyelids would look adorable.
  • Blue and gold/grey/white
    • Blue eye shadow can be hard to wear on the eyelids, but there’s another way to incorporate your team’s colors into your look. Glitter is a huge trend on game day, so break it out and apply glitter to your temples and cheekbones.
  • Red and white/black
    • Break out the red lipstick and rock a bold lip at your next tailgate. Red lipstick is an easy and timeless trend anyone can pull off, so make a cute statement during college game day.
  • Green and white/silver/black
    • Because green is a bold color, make a statement by lining your lower lash line with emerald green eyeliner. Not only will you show off your school pride, but the eyeliner will make your eyes pop.
  • Purple and gold/white/black
    • There are two ways to incorporate purple into your makeup look: eye shadow and lipstick. Purple eye shadow can make green eyes pop while you’re in the process of cheering your team on. A subtle purple-based lipstick is another great way to incorporate your team’s colors into your look.


Depending on the weather, there are endless outfit options available to wear at your tailgate. As fall moves slowly towards winter, I decided to wear something that would keep me cozy and warm during those crisp fall mornings in the parking lot outside the football stadium.

Here’s a play-by-play of my outfit:

  • My cropped maroon sweater with white stripes on the arms is from Forever 21 (and it was super cheap).
  • My high waisted light-wash jeans were purchased from American Eagle, and they go very well with my cropped sweater.
  • Because I’m moving around for hours at a tailgate, my white Converse are a game day staple piece.

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Thank you all for reading! A special thank-you goes out to my friend Olivia for taking these pictures of me for my blog.

Olivia has a blog of her own, so please check it out at

Until next time,




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